He all of a sudden seems less interested?

Well there is this guy I've been talking to. That I really like, and I think he really liked me. But he does live in another state, and I've only met him in person once or twice through mutual friends. Anyway, we've been friends for years, but about 3 months ago we started talking again. It started off great, things were going downhill with my boyfriend and we ended up breaking up, but this guy kinda helped me through it. (Just as a friend at that time.) I noticed like a month after we started talking he seemed more interested, like we would actually be up late talking on the phone instead of texting, although we would text too sometimes. Anyways we would talk ALL THE TIME, all day every day late into the night. We had nicknames for each other, he called me babe occasionally, he would tease me and say sweet things to me a lot, stuff like that... My friends said it was obvious he liked me. I thought so too. But just recently, it's like we usually still text everyday, but its much much less. He would text me in the morning before, now its more late afternoon-evening. He mostly texts me first but I've texted him first too. And sometimes he keeps the conversation going, other times he just drops off. Still teases me, but doesn't say sweet things anymore. And we don't really talk on the phone much anymore...This has been going on for like a week. I miss him and can someone tell me what could've happened?


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  • yes he does like you. however not being able to see you due to the distance is obviously having an affect. if you want it to be more, you're going to have to tell him and work things out. in most cases, you'll go through phases of talking/texting a lot then less. this will have to do with him being busy and gaining/losing interest. if you want to get his attention, try skyping/send him a photo to keep him interested in you.. be playful..

    • Thanks for your answer. :) That makes sense. But yeah I'm not making the first move,I don't work like that, so hopefully he'll turn this around and show more interest. If not I guess we'll just be friends and my feelings will probably fade over time. And I do have a playful personality so I guess that's good haha.

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