Do you find dark skin unattractive?

I recently moved to a new city a few months ago for a job transfer and I am trying online dating. when I lived in dc I was successful with it, but here I feel like a lot of guys look at my profile but no one decent messages me. Either they have kids, are much older, look high in their pic, or are commenting on a body pic. I message men I'm interested in and they don't respond. I'm Indian and have dark skin and curvy. There's a lot of white men here and I'm starting to wonder if it's because I'm dark...


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  • But white guys are different than Indian guys, they don't place utmost importance on skin color alone. it's probably either or a combination of your facial features, body type, and style of dress. Indian skin tones aren't really that dark unless you look like a Tamil or a Sri Lankan. Unless you're that dark, then you're probably not too dark for most white guys as the tan look is in. It could be your facial features because a lot of Indian girls aren't really considered hot by most attractive guys. Or your body type. Curvy can mean different things. If your curvy as in "not quite fat but obviously doesn't go to the gym and needs to be toned" then cute guys won't like it. If you're curvy as in "big breasts, small waist, hips" then some cute guys will like it. If you're an apple body type and you're calling yourself curvy then you're probably too fat for attractive white guys.

    • I think a lot of Indian women have beautiful facial features. Almond eyes, sculpted mouths like porcelain dolls, etc..

    • Indians can be very dark. It just depends on where they are from. But I'm guessing what are you trying to say is that hot white men are shallow?

    • But a lot of Indian women are so hot though...why are you such a downer? Also I know a lot of light skinned Tamils. They have like an olive skin tone. I'm so jealous of that lol.

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  • This could be because of the location you moved to. Particularly towns out in the boonies are full of uneducated people who haven't been exposed to anything in the world outside their little town. They are seriously in their own world. And if you don't fall into the category of things they are used to, they'll look at you like an alien. Some folks who aren't used to seeing a mix of races like we do around big cities may feel uncomfortable with people who don't look like them.

    I really don't think this is an issue of your skin color being unattractive. And if you want my opinion, I've always thought that Indian people lucked out in the skin department more than most of us. *shrugs*

    • Right. I moved to South lol.

    • haha well there ya go. It's not you honey, it's the townsfolk. And honestly dating, and perhaps even making friends may be a bit more difficult than if you lived in a more diverse/open minded area.

  • Here's an interesting article about how your race affects your success on dating sites: link

    It really is true. Sometimes, out of curiosity, I check out the newest users on OkCupid. That site has those traffic lights that show if someone replies often, replies selectively, or very selectively. You can see that the darker skinned people have the "replies often" for much longer than white ones. Some have "nobody has contacted her/him" for ages, which never happens to white people. So sadly it is true. But hang in there, you'll find the right guy eventually!

    • Yeah I'm starting to get responses and messages now. Don't want these types of things to turn into a self fulfilling prophecy.

  • I am white and wish I was darker! Love who you are! OK I'm totally a

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