I have pimples and acne scars.I have a date! What to do?

i never saw him b4 but I know that he doesn't have acne.

And I also heard that guys don't like a lot of makeup.

Is there a possibility that he rejects me ?

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  • I voted B. But honestly, it all depends if you are "covered" in pimples or just a couple ;)

    • Just a couple :)

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    • houraay! :) The date was AWESOME :)

    • Great :-D glad everything worked out ;)

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  • I say go to skin

    Doctor! I

    Did and it got rid of all

    That! I had major acne and ahhh I feel u! The skin doctor gave me these pills and creams and with in two weeks my acne was gone! Now for your date go on it with makeup and most of all smile! And distract him with your beautiful spirit! It's hard but odds are he likes you for more then looks! And think about it.. If you see a guy that's cute and good lookig and cool style and is nice and outgoing yet he has a bit of acne you aren't gonna run the other way! Unless his acne is like taking over his face and it's ya know extreamly bad! But sounds like yours isn't that bad and you can cover it with makeup :) and a bomb personality! And sexy outfit! Guys are less picky then we make them out to be! Trust me! I'm like an 8 and I've dated guys that model! And I'm like whatttt how do you like me! You could have so many girls! Then I remember I'm more fun then those model looking girls that hardly eat haha! Let your spirit shine through whenever you start to think about your skin remeber he asked you to be there so he must like ya! And go find a skin doctor place and get those pills!

    • i wanna try the pills :/

      Which pills did you tke ?

  • a mask :) joke tell off the date

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