He hasn't texted me in three days, almost four?

After a month of hanging out and texting 24/7, a guy and I finally went on a date. He constantly called me perfect, amazing, etc. After our first date, he started work and told me he couldn't text as much. He texted me his first few days of work, including the day after our date. Now it has almost been four days though, and I haven't gotten a text from him.

He has me on Facebook. He hasn't been online, but he could contact me if he wanted to.

We have an established second date on Wednesday, so should I worry about him not texting me? I don't want to text him first because I don't want to come off as clingy.



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  • Don't worry seeing as he has planned another date with you it's OK. He probably is just busy and the fact that he told you he would be is good at you at least know that he has had to decency to tell you about his work . I would wait for him to text you because if he ends up not texting you back you may feel worse about the situation.


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