I'm crazy about this girl, haven't talked in months after a fight. How can I reach out to her?

So we started talking 4ish months ago (In August). We knew each other from working next door to each other for a year and finally admitted we liked each other. Ended up hanging out, getting physical, she said she wanted to move in with me, I put the brakes on cause I was cautious after getting my heart broken 8 months earlier and still recovering (but no contact with ex obviously).

She started to distance herself. She had found some notes I wrote to my ex to clear my head (like I said, bad break up) that I forgot still existed and I guess that creeped her out and made her uncomfortable, but she told me it was fine. Then one day She told me she still liked me but that we should just be friends because her life was too crazy and she needed to get it on track before she could handle a boyfriend so I said okay.(mid September)

A month after that I tried talking to her and she blew up at me and said that she did like me before but she didn't like me anymore and that the notes she found creeped her out. I blew up on her (this is all via text) for leading me on and reading the notes in the first place when I told her not to. It ended with me telling her to grow up and her not responding and removing me as a friend on Fb and all that jazz.

I tried to apologize a week later (early November) but she still wouldn't respond. At Thanksgiving I sent her a message apologizing one last time and telling her that I wish she could forgive me. She never responded.

So now its Christmas and I'm still crazy about her. The way I felt around her was like nothing I've felt before. Its been a month since I've tried talking to her. I know she's the type that needs her space, and I can give it to her, I just hate thinking that she hates me. She never gave me a chance to explain about the notes she read and I know it was dumb of me to blow up on her.

How can I reach out to her? I've thought about writing her a letter and leaving it on her car, or trying to text or message her again. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Her reaction seems a little extreme. My guess is she wanted something serious with you, bit since you didn't want to move in together and she found those letters she may think you don't or that you're hung up on your ex. A letter on her car might come off a little creepy, but maybe you could mail her one. The best course of action may be to just move on. If you feel can't, try one last time. See if you can talk to her on the phone, set up a meeting, or write her a letter. If she doesn't respond this time then its a lost cause.

    • Do you think an email would work? I'd rather do a letter but she moved recently and I don't know her address. I know where she works, but walking in and handing her letter would seem a little weird.

    • An email could work. She may not read it, but at least you know you gave it one last try.

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  • I'd say okay you seem likea cool dude and you sound good looking lol I don't know how but you do. Okay I mean I hate to say this but it sounds like she has a new guy she's extreamly into.. Or else she wouldn't be so harsh. I'd start looking for somebody new :) and what I've learned is the more distances and time you give somebody the more they'll want you back later! Sad but true. Don't reach out to her! Give it time! Give it two months Nd then see if she'd be interested in being friends and getting coffee


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  • Be honest and throw your pride out the window

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