"ALL women will only date a man who has ambition."

2. The definition of a gold digger is: a woman who will only date a man who has money.

3. Every woman who I have ever spoke to has said the following: "Ambition is WORTHLESS unless it equates to money."

4. So the only acceptable definition of ambition for women is this:

"ambition: The ability to make money."

5. So really then its not about ambition its about the bottom line, its about CASH. Because who wants a man who remains a janitor his whole life? (if he's ambitious he'd move up in the world? and get more MONEY- again I didn't say this, WOMEN have.)

Therefore, it seems perfectly logical to replace the word "ambition" with MONEY.

Thus you have this statement.

ALL women will only date a man who has MONEY.

Now compare that to a gold diggers definition which I provided.

I ask you, how does this not make ALL women gold diggers?

P.s. My rant to men.

(yes women are smarter than men give them credit for. they are extremely manipulative, and expert liars. they are extremely good at pretending to be interested in men in order to "talent scout" them out for their FUTURE earnings.

I think men don't give women enough credit, (which is why so many of them are so easily FOOLED, they simply trust women too much.)

Its obvious that women don't want a man who wins the lottery.


And its not a lie.

WHY? because most winners LOSE IT ALL.

Ambition is again "the ability to MAKE money."

That's why a trust fund boy isn't attractive. He could lose it all.

and then where would all HER money go?

No, she need someone with the skills to make money for her. so she can take it LONG TERM.

Thats right, women are not as dumb as men think they are.)

Calling me a bitter loser virgin who got burned by some woman

doesn't prove me wrong, even if its true. So please refrain from that nonsense.


This website proved that the extreme MAJORITY of women won't date unemployed men.

If you can sit there and say you WILL date an unemployed man I think one of two things.

1. You are lying. (because most women (statically) do that in order to feel accepted by their peers) So its LIKELY that you are.

2. You are not lying and are therefore the minority.

SO, any OTHER female definition of ambition is abnormal.


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  • no, that is not the definition of ambition. not a normal woman's definition of ambition at any rate. if you hate us women so much, go solo. it's always up to you.

    • So you would date a man whos ambition did not gain any money at all and he remained poor his whole life?

      I doubt that.

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    • i already have. and when it made him broke, I helped him pick up the pieces. and he's happy with where he is now.

    • Either you are a liar or you're awesome and a hidden precious gem among sh*t.

      either way ill give you the benefit of the doubt.

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  • How are you still asking this question? How many times are you planning to state your sad story?

  • You remind me of that one guy on here who would constantly post the same question saying, "I bet no women here are brave enough to kick me in the balls." Readers are left startled that someone so crazy could be walking among us.

    • Omg I haven't seen that guy in ages! Wonder what happened to him, guess he got tired of creating new accounts after he kept getting banned.

  • What woman with options wants a boyfriend with no money? I'm just being real, there is a reason you see hot women and rich men pairing off.they're at the top of the food chain and the ideal everyone wants.all guys want a hot girl and all girls really want a rich guy. So if you're ranting about this because you're broke, perhaps you should lower your expectations and go for the not so attractive girls.broke men and obese women go together but don't be going after pretty girls and cry about it when you get dismissed.she can do better so either get your income up or date girls on your level.

    • "What woman with options wants a boyfriend with no money?"

      This somehow justifies gold digging?

      Well I'm a celebrity and a ton of women love me so I can go ahead and rape this woman, because I have options!

      Like that?

    • "all guys want a hot girl and all girls really want a rich guy."

      Beauty is more subjective than the dollar amount in the bank.

      Thats only ONE reason why its worse.

      Theres tons of studies that prove its much worse to be used for money than it is for sex.

      NEITHER men NOR women want to be used for money.

      But BOTH don't mind it when it comes to being used for their looks/sex.

      that proves its a much worse thing that women do than men.

    • Nobody wants to be with someone who has "lowered expectations"

      You should go after what you want in life.

      Better to be single and alone forever than in a relationship that you hate.

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  • i agree with you up to a point

  • Or maaaaybe these women simply want to be with a guy who is HAPPY because he's not broke and he's doing something that gives his life meaning. Poverty stresses relationships. You're assuming these women just want the money for themselves.

    Also, statistically, "every woman I've ever spoke to" is an extremely small sample size, let alone enough to make an "ALL" statement.

    But besides that, you sound like you quite literally loathe women, so what do you care?

    • "Also, statistically, "every woman I've ever spoke to" is an extremely small sample size, let alone enough to make an "ALL" statement.


      Wrong, I've spoken to every woman on the planet.

      I like how you assume its a small sample.

      Its still an assumption.

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    • Only the ignorant doesn't question his own thoughts.

      But a complete fool is someone who listens to another foolish opinion and considers it valid.

    • Are you saying that you do this to question your own thoughts? Because I see none of that at all.