I just don't know what to feel about him...

I have never had a boyfriend. Ever. but I have had a few, I guess, flings with some guys that I really liked. So there is this one guy who has liked me for four years now, and I've already told him I don't like him twice because he just gets so serious so fast whenever I show any interest in him. I decided I have 6 months left in HS, so I might as well give him a chance. We went on a date and by the end of the date, he was sweet, and he kissed me. I don't want to hurt him again, and I'm so confused about my feelings. I like him but I don't. I like how he treats me, very respectfully and he really likes me. But I don't like how he is so overprotective and already starting to dictate my friends. By the end of the date, he was begging me "Be mine, please, just be my girlfriend." He is so sweet and I don't want to hurt him and I like who he is when he is just chill and laid back. But I don't want someone so super clingy as my first boyfriend. Should I give him another date? I already said we need to not become boyfriend/girlfriend just from the first date when he asked me. I don't want to be basically married already, and that is the feeling I get from him.


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  • Yes, tell him you're soon going to be out of school and you donn't want to be tied to someone at thi stage of your life. You can still hang out, but no official boyfriend/girlfriend declarations, and he has no right to tell you what to do with other people...

    He's just immature, this shouldn't be a major hang-up for you.


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  • You need to let him know that that is a turn-off for you. If he doesn't know then he can't change it. Why don't you tell him and give him one more date. If he can't change, well then there is nothing wrong with letting the relationship go. I've dated 2 guys like this and I've said the same thing to. One changed, the other did not so he may be able to change. I completely understand where you are coming from. It's hard when a guy moves way to fast into a commitment, but sometime they just don't know that's not the way to do things. The over protective thing and him dictating your friends is a red flag.

    • Thanks. I'm just so worried about hurting him. His parents are divorced so that puts stress on him, and I know I am a HUGE flirt. So, I guess the commitment thing just scares me. But looking around, most of my friends in relationships act like they are married. Is that just how it is going to be until I am in college?

    • More than likely yes. If you feel you don't want to settle down, then you need to be honest with him and yourself. There is nothing wrong with it, you have to what feels right for you. If you have commitment issues, then it might to be good to look at why and work on it.