He was all over me and suddenly he backed away?!

there is this guy we went on date for 4 years and after one year of being with me he suddenly backs out, I mean not wanting to hangout, kiss or even talk, I talked to him a couple of times about this but he said its nothing like that its over now and I want to start dating again, but don't want to repeat the same mistakes,


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  • Maybe your were too young to have an exclusive relationship and now he just feels trapped, and wants his freedom. The idea that he won't repeat the same 'mistakes' is probably just an excuse..the only 'mistake' was starting your relationship too young, I would think.

    • its not clear but dated 4 years & together only one. implies the one year is after the 4 years. she's at least 25. shed be at least 20 when they dated and 24 when they were together. if not 4 years older in each instance.

      he may not want to be with her, but I doubt age has anything to do with it. people get married younger than that.

      QA You can date but it doesn't necessarily men he won't flake out again. id date him if you want but others as well. until you guys decide you want to be exclusive.

  • His sixth sense gave him the hint that he is not the one for u. he knew that you deserve someone better than him.

    • ohhhh so your saying Guys also have SIXTH SENSE?! xp

    • now you have put me in confusion. I m not sure if guys have SIXTH SENSE. need to find out

    • lol thts easy! THEY DONT

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