He is so confusing... What should I do?! Text or not to text

Thank-you for taking the time to read this! Answers would be so helpful... I am absoloutly miserable.

How well I know him:

So I have had a huge crush on this guy for a bit over a year. He's a senior and I'm a sophomore. Even when I didn't see him for three months over summer break I was unable to speak to any other guy. Now, me and this guy are friends. We weren't friends last year, but he would occasionally talk to me.

A couple weeks ago he asked me for my number. We occasionally text, but it's mostly friendly stuff, maybe a little bit flirty at times. I have hung out with him before but only with other people. I interact with him every day in school.

So I think he might like me because:

-He hugs me 3 or 4 times a day. I basically can't be in the same room as him without getting a hug. Sometimes he picks me up off the ground when he hugs me and carries me around to somewhere. Or he'll just hold me for a while and sway back and forth. He hugs other girls but never picks them up or hugs them as much as me.

-He has told me I'm cute before, or tells me "You look nice today." Once when I was having a bad day he told me I was beautiful

-He always pokes my side/hip or sometimes pinches it...

-He told me he loves hugging me and something is different when he hugs me

-A couple days ago when he came up to me and hugged me, he kind of randomly said "(my name), I love you."

-He's a little protective over me maybe

He's been to my house twice because he's friends with my brother and I've hung out with them. After he got home the second time he texted me saying that he had fun and that dinner was good etc.

So he might either be interested in me, or just like me as a friend. Or he might think I'm cute but not want to date me...

Now it's winter break and I really want to hang out with him but I don't want to bother him. I texted him a day ago and he randomly stopped replying. Then yesterday morning he texted me apologizing because his phone died the night before. Was that just and excuse to text me yesterday or was he being polite? We sent a couple texts and he told me about what he was doing the night before. I said "Well I'm glad you had fun(:"

Did I accidentally end the conversation? Should I text him asking to hang out? Should I get my brother to invite him over? Should I wait for him to text me?

I'm so cautious because if he knows I like him and doesn't feel the same way then I might loose his friendship. Even though he's still friends with a girl who tried to make out with him while having a boyfriend.

Oh someone please help me I'm in love and over thinking everything. I can't stand the thought of not seeing him for two weeks, but I don't want to take a chance at ruining anything because if he stopped hugging me I'd go into depression.

Should I not text him and see if he texts me? Will he get annoyed if I ask him to hang out? What should I do?


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  • He wouldn't get annoyed if you asked him to hang out. From what you've written, it sounds like he might even like to hang out over break. It sounds like he enjoys your company. A good rule of thumb when your texting someone you like is to treat the whole texting/asking to hang out thing like you would a friend. Would you worry about asking a friend to hang out? I wouldn't think so. Unless you text him multiple times during the day with nothing to say or if you text him repeatedly after he hasn't responded, you're not going to be seen as annoying. Best of luck!

  • If he gets annoyed than he is clearly not worth your time. Sure, he may not want to hang out, but any guy worth obsessing over would at least appreciate the thought. Good luck!