Both Sexes: What are your DEAL BREAKERS ?! Share them so others don't do them!

Sometimes when I go on first dates guys do things that are completely in bad taste and they're deal breakers and I won't date them again. Why not take some time to share yours so others can avoid this fate!

I also think a lot of people don't realize that first dates are indicative of the future. People are usually on their best behavior at the beginning. It's only going to get worse from there.

First date:

* talking about sex (it makes it seem like this is all they're after)

* talking about exes (if you're talking about them, you're not over them)

* texting (if you'd rather talk to someone else, why aren't you with them?)

* showing up incredibly late (no respect for my time)

* talking about their "member" (wtf!)

* expecting something... anything

After first date:

* constantly breaking plans

* discovering you were "psychologically mirroring" me and don't actually share my interests

* LYING of any sort = DONE!

* not respecting it when I say no to something

What are yours?!


Most Helpful Girl

  • well for a relationship, it is important that he has a similar background and education level. most other things are negotiable. I dated a guy who I thought was almost exactly the type of guy I wanted but he turned out to be a lying, manipulative, narcissistic a**hole so from now on I am reevaluating things.

    things that would make me not want to go on another date after the first: (apart from if nothing was 'wrong' but I just didn't feel a connection)

    -he makes me travel to his area

    -he expects me to pay on the first date

    -if I take public transportation at night he doesn't ask if I made it home ok

    -talks a lot about exes

    -sex talk

    -inappropriate touching

    -criminal record

    -i find out he lied (I overlooked a lie and it was a huge disaster)

    • I've overlooked lies too! Doesn't go well! If they're lying at the beginning it's very bad news!

    • i ade up excuses for him because I was really into him but it was a huge mistake I would have avoided myself a lot of trouble if I had refused to go on that second date because I found out he lied

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What Guys Said 3

  • For me, I'm not really picky. But I don't like girls who are insecure and always have the need to talk about themselves.

    I also don't like girls with bad teeth, lots of acne that she doesn't feel the need to take care of, and smokers and girls who are just not healthy in general. I take care of myself so I'd like the girl to take care of herself too!

  • Poor hygiene.

    Can't make me laugh


    No ambitions

    Not independent

    Can't hold an intelligent conversation

  • The phrase "like" or "oh my god" more than 10 times in 5 minutes will guarantee that there won't be a second date with me.

    Also, any references to Jersey Shore or popular reality TV will also severely hurt chances of a second date.


What Girls Said 1

  • I have been on so few first dates (sadness) that I haven't really encountered any deal breakers... Especially since they were all guys who I was friends with first or who were friends of friends; in other words they were good people pre-screened by me or my friends.

    But I've met guys at events who I thought maybe I'd go on a date you until...


    -super smelly for no reason or obviously hadn't bathed recently

    -found out our views on religion are different

    Those are the big things that would put me off because they'd annoy me too much to overlook. I can deal with swearing and stuff because I do it too.

    Evidence of lying, cheating, etc are givens too of course.

    • Haha. That's how I date now :) Less dates but I see it as quality vs. quantity.