No text after hookup..?

so last night me and this guy that have been talking went to a party together and we ended up sharing a bed and hooking up ( nothing past 2nd ) and this morning when we woke up everything seemed fine but later today I get no text or form of communication from him.. and the past nights b4 that we've had really good convos together where he even talked about a date and he told me to text him and I did a day after he told me to and he immediately said he wanted to see seemed like he was really into me..whats happening? guys what does this mean? help =/


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  • Umm.. its hard to say without knowing the guy. Like for myself I would never do that. I am not the type of guy who is ike that. Umm... Its hard to say, like maybe something happened, depending on the phone company a lot of times texts get delayed, maybe something came up. After one day I would not say that I would rule things as gone bad or anything. Just kinda get your mind to think ohh somehting happened, he was busy ya know. Cause you are just eating yourself up by thinking the worst like awww he was into me what happened. Just keep thinking everythings ok. Ya know keep trying to get ahold of him tomorrow and so forth, but just hear and there, don't end up becoming stalkerish or nothing. Also, like you said you 2 just shared a bed and stayed at 2nd base. Did he try anything? like to go further and you told him no? I mean obviously you don't wanna think that that drove him off, but at the same time if it was like that and now he's not into you cause you didn't put out... that's totally messed up and not the type of guy you should be trying to get with. You need to get with someone who is actually into you and not going to use you. I say try to get ahold of him, see what he says or friends he has or something. But if its something like he isn't interested, I would totally confront him and make sure you get a reason about it. Cause to me it sounds a bit messed up. But for now think the best and prepare for the worst. Just keep thinking something came up and he was busy. It saves your mind the trouble.

    Sorry if my advice isn't so good on this one, this isn't really a subject I have ever had to cover before with any friends of mine cause if it did my friends and I would personally pay the guy a visit =p I know that sounds bad, but I hate guys like that. makes guys like me and my best friend look bad. Good Guys Finish Last, and because guys like that that saying holds true.

    • Yes he did try more and I told him no but I took your advice and took control in texting him and he was being flirty and we talked about hanging out again. I just don't want to turn it into a hookup relationship you know.. I don't want our relationship to be about hooking up and I don't know how to make that transition

    • Make sure you let him know that. If you let it happen again or even more after that, its what he is going to expect. And it might be harder for you to argue it. Make sure you let him know where you stand and how you feel. And if he can't accept that, then he isn't a good guy and isn't right for you.

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