Help! Double date advice? anything will help!

never even been on a date before. were going out to dinner. me and my best friend, a guy she's known for a long time, and his best friend. I'm so nervous and am generally a pretty introverted and shy kinda girl. I'm actually not even interested in him I just am kinda doing this as practice and to get out of the house lol


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  • The guy expects that you at least have a little affection for him. So it's unfair to 'practice' on him like this, it's like using real bullets in a stage play gun..someone could get hurt!.

    But I uderstand, it's your first time, and it's a double date, so it's probably not going to involve any pressure to sleep with him or anything like that.

    Just relax and enjoy yourself, aska lot of questions about what people think about anything, a current movie, the shootings in Connecticut, who you'd p[refer to shoot yourself, anything to enliven the conversation. There's nothing 'at stake' here, so don't worry how it turns out; hey, you said you don't even like the guy, so why do you care if you don't make a good impression...


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