Is he trying to avoid me?

I met this guy and I've known him for about six weeks. We met up around three times. The second time I met up with him he said he would be busy at uni,but make time for me and eventually he did. Now I'm in the situation where I've not seen him for about 4 weeks he barely used to text me,but now it's down to the bare minimum. He text me last weekend saying how he would stick around next week (Which is now this week) to meet me and also told me how he missed me. So he text me this week asking if I wanted to meet up and I told him yeah and then he never replied until the next day and said how he was unable to have met up because was busy. So I did not text him until the next day and he never replied to my message and that was 4 days ago. It's kind of always been like this,however now it's the holidays I thought he'd have more time as University is off for the Christmas holidays. So I tested my theory of where I rang him from my friends phone where he happily answered and she pretended to have the wrong number. Anyway so I then knew he was with his phone. So first of all he has ignored my texts and then when I rang him a couple hours later from my phone he obviously ignored it as he had answered the other call prior to my call. Anyway it's got me so confused as when I was with him he was saying how he could not wait to get his uni work done so he could spend time with me and all that. Both his actions and words showed that he liked me and I was thinking if he was blowing me off wouldn't he just not want to arrange to meet up and surely not tell me he missed me. I am so confused by this as I have not experienced this before and I don't want to over think the situation,but it's driving me crazy. Should I just leave him to it and see if he comes round and then know for sure he just lost interest or should I ring him from another number again and this time I talk and find out why. I know we weren't dating,but I have no idea what I did wrong I didn't get clingy,I let him have space and now I'm just so confused and left in the dark over this whole situation and I hate it :( . Please help. We weren't in a relationship,but am I even able to ask where I stand so at least I will then know.


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  • i met a girl at my university 2 months ago and I am pretty sure that she is in the same situation like you. I was the one who approached her first because she is very cute and I wanted to know her better with the intention to date her :p .But she turn me off. Let me tell you a secret about boys. Its a big turn off for boys when a girl over show interest for them especially at the beginning of the dating game.Because this type of girls always appear to have a boring face, or not knowing what to do with their life. We like girls who play hard to get .We like to chase for the girls and f*** them. It's a very big turn on for us. I don't know that boy but I'm pretty sure that he is in this situation now. Believe me, if he really wanted o be with you,he will dump everything he is doing to be with you.

    • I guess so it's just seems weird though, I thought I did everything right like making sure I didn't bug him and come across as to clingy. I did think usually guys would drop everything to be with the girl they wanted to date,but he always came across as different. All I'm doing is sit and wait because tbh when I've left him to it,he would always eventually message me,but you'll probably right.

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