My guy "friend" won't return my texts?

This penpal guy that I have been talking to will not return my texts. He would text me every Single Day. Many Times during the day too. He hasn't returned my texts. I hope that he didn't die. I feel completely and utterly terrible.

We both confessed our love for each other. He would always tell me that he loved me. And I recently would tell him too.

IT has been two days and he has not texted me. That is not like him at all. I have no other way of getting a hold of him because he lives in another country.

Please don't judge. I just feel bad because my birthday is tomorrow and he still hasn't texted me. The last conversation was nice too.


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  • what was the last convo? And why would he die? I mean, everyone dies, but what makes you think this?

    -love Sosa

    • I don't know if he died or not. Maybe I am freaking out because I am on my period :'(

      But the last convo:

      He was working and I said Babe I love you.

      He said I love you too

      Then I told him that I wasn't feeling good and sad because of the problems that have been going on in my family.

      Then he was comforting me.

      ETC... :(

    • Lol I am too, perhaps he's overwhelmed with work or the holidays?

      -love Sosa

    • Thank you. That is not like him though.

      But perhaps.

      Also, maybe he accidentally dropped or broke his phone or something.

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