Sudden change in affection/interest level......

I met a girl online. I am 32 and she is 22 but we both seem to know exactly what we are looking for. We went on our first date and hit it off immediately. The next two dates went well, and we were both very affectionate towards each other. There was a lot of touching, hand holding, kissing. On our fourth date we went to go see a movie and immediately I sensed something different. She seemed very stand-offish during the movie and I felt a difference in attitude. We kissed goodnight as always and that seemed fine, so I texted her after she left asking if something was wrong. She said it was "that time of the month" and that may have been the reason for her being less affectionate but it "usually doesn't affect her like that". She says we are still good, and she wants to continue dating me. The next time we went out, it was the same... No contact at all until the end of the date, when we shared a kiss that felt wanted and "passionate". Can somebody tell me what's up with this? Why does someone who claims to be and has been SO affectionate change like that? Is it me? She says no, and when we talk she says she misses me and can't wait to see me again, so I don't get it!


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  • Hello Kevocorona,

    Maybe be that she is moody and that is it.

    It sounds like she is planning on meeting you again so don't give it any more thought.


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