Are women who reached 25 are more eager to go into relationships?

with an idea of starting a family? Or are more prone to flirt and date, when younger girls are more in there for fun?

I am asking cause I have always dated girls my age and a bit older. And 5 years younger girls look like little sisters to me, and not mature enough.


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  • as would men who are five years younger than women look younger to them. 5 years when in your twenties is significant. especially considering a 20 year old would not be done with university. where as a 25 year old would be at least with undergrad. or likewise if university is not something they've done., they'd still be more accustomed to working and being on their own.

    but as far as relationships everyone is different.

    some people want relationships from the time they are old enough to say the word. others never do. I don't think there's any general rule where at this age a woman or man wants 'fun' and at this age a woman or man wants a commitment. additionally. yo can have 'fin' in a relationship... sometimes more so because there's trust and you obviously really like the person.

    and dating around a lot doesn't mean you're only in it for a quick f;ing. it usually means uve not met anyone with long term.

    it isn't actually more mature to decide to settle down as an abstraction. its sort of delusional. like planning on a relationship or marriage before uve even met a person you really want to be with.

    dating around makes sense if you haven't met the person you like. it gives you experience and you gain insight. its the rational thing to do. its not done out of silliness. its how you learn, imo. and people in late 20-s and 30s and 40s still do this when they have not met anyone special.

    but id say 18-24 if you're in school etc. you may specifically decide to not get serious as you want to focus on your career. though others decide to get serious as theyll never be as young or have as many options as they do in school etc. its different, for everyone.


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  • I'm not.

  • i'm 21 and I'm already done with college, I'm not in it for fun, I want a serious relationship, I would like to be married by the time I'm 27 but I don't know if that will happen


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