Does she like me, or it's just me?

Ok. So in my class there is girl I like...And since last year we started texting A LOT,and recently on Skype... I would have 300+ messages in inbox after few days...And we talk about tons of stuff...But I always text her first...And she always reply... But since she never text me I have a filing I'm bothering her...And when I asked her...Why don't you ever text me...She said its males job to do it...

She easy gets mad to me. She teased me for another girl ..

She like so play with my phone, read my texts...

Her best friend send me "She loves you" ... But that was a year ago...

My best friends on other hand...Send her <3 on FB.actually on her wall, from my FB. And she would call me and asked why did you wrote that?! Delete it or I would.

and she know I like her Because she readed text from my friend...[we were talking about her and I forgot to delete it before I give her phone]

So what do you think?


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  • She thriving on the attention your giving her . cut it & ull see how the tables will turn. give her a ultimatum( well not a rude way) but ask her out & all if she refuses and well says let still get to know each other, cut your losses & move on, ull find better girls then her.