I had my first kiss yesterday, did we go to far for a first time? Also tips would be great!

(I'm almost seventeen by the way, yeah I didn't have my first kiss until now)

So yesterday I went to a friend house to hang out. His parents weren't home and we were in his room. I was sitting on his bed and and he turned on the song "armistice" by Pheonix. He sat down next to me on the bed and then he kissed me. We just started making out immediately. We rolled around on his bed and he felt me up a lot (boobs and but). He pulled my shirt up to my armpits and kissed my chest. He tried to put his hand down the front of my pants but I moved his hand away.

Since it was my first time and all I definitely let him do all the work and I mostly just laid there wondering where to put my hands and legs.

My biggest question is what do I do when it comes to kissing parts other than his lips (neck and ear and such)

I just don't want him to think I'm easy or anything. And I definitely don't want him to think I'm a bad kisser, which I probably was :(. I guess we are make out buddies now? He asked me to hang out with him again today, but I was busy. I think I'm going back over tomorrow, any tips?

Thanks for reading!


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  • There aren't any rules or instructions. You go as far as you want, you do what you're comfortable with. Don't worry about being a bad kisser, or doing things "wrong". We've all had to learn through experiences, it's a fun thing, as long as you don't pressure yourself. So just enjoy yourself and do whatever you're comfortable with.


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  • Wait till you find a guy that your in love with.. No point in going all the way on your first kiss..If you give in to him early, Ur no more than a toy for him...Set your boundaries girl and I suggest look at your self respect to start off with...by him lifting your shirt, your basically giving him the OK you want to go further than just kissing.. he's under the impression he's going to get some when you meet up next...

  • But what's the question hon? like a blowjob? or?