Should I try to call him to see if he's okay?

So my boyfriend and I broke up a week ago, and it was a mutual agreement because he never had time for me because of work, etc. So we thought it was the best thing to do. He tells me he still loves me and wants to maybe try again when he's more situated if I want. He said he wanted to stay friends cause he didn't want to lose me completely, so we are. And he also said that we would continue to talk like we normally do, mostly texting, so I shouldn't be sad about it. He moved to FL about a month ago, which is only 2 states from me, but still a long ways, and I've always worried about him. I Haven't heard from him the past 4 days, and I'm just so worried that something could've happened to him and I wouldn't be aware of it. I texted him this morning, but received no reply, I just wanted to know if he was alright. So now I'm just so worried. I hate that I'm like that, but I can't help wanting to know if he's okay. He's done this before in the past and I'm not sure if I should just try to stop worrying about it. Should I try to call him or something?


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