He gave me a week notice, but then broke up with me, so what do I do now?

A week ago, out of no where, my boyfriend told me that our relationship was beginning to fade and maybe it's because we have been together for too long. At this point I was begging him to not leave me, he said giving me a week just to see how it goes. During this week I tried so hard. I looked my best,in which he gave me compliments. I talked and walked with him like normal,even though I could tell he was a bit stand off. I texted him first and steered clear of the break up topic. On the last day,he broke up with me. I kept my text short and sweet and haven't texted him since. I'm trying to avoid contact, they say you gotta give him time to miss u. But tomorrow is Christmas. I wanted to send him a wishful text,but I'm scared how it'll turn out. How do I get him back? I have a feeling he misses me texting him because he even said so before that I'm the most fun person he talks to. I was thinking maybe I should send him a Xmas text but nothing more until a week later where I can talk normal with him like we are friends. But I need more advice, how can I get him so intrigued that he will want me back when I text him? Help please!

I wished him a merry Xmas and he sad "back at you(;" uhm?
Actually contacted me today, said he got my favorite drink, so wht now? I see it as an excuse to try and talk to me.
So, I talked to him Bc I was hearing that he felt lonely and he realized that I'm usually the one that talks to him. We got into convo right away, like we didn't even break up. But when we got on the picky subject I found out that he still loves talking to me. He wants to keep that friendship with me, talking to me all the time but not dating. I told him it gives me hope and can't really allow me to move on. So the next day I was talking to him normal again and it made me realize it. I'm moving on. I
Im seeing him tonight at a party, do you think givin him his jewelry he gave me in private would hurt him? If e cared it would. Right?
Today's my birthday! &he said happy birthday, can I have a hug? It was an awkward hug. He walked me to my classes and talked to me like normal. He didn't text me today though. And he has been texting me lately.
He just texted me. Asked me if I got some nice stuff for my birthday and cake.
So! We ha been talking a lot, walked me to classes. &i just couldn't take it and I was like you need to decide whether you want to be single or still be with me Bc you can't string me along like that. He was just really confused. And I cut off every communication possible with him yesterday. Gave him all his stuff back, pretty sure t was a slap in the face for him Bc he asked why I gave it all back, that they're all "smalls" and what does he do with them. He wasn't angry, just seemed kinda curious
We kissed today. He was reluctant about it at first because he said stuff about how he still wants to be single. But we kissed anyway. I asked him if it was a mistake and he said no.


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  • He's very cold and there's no reason to tie yourself to such a person. He's probably doing you a favor by cutting you loose. Yoou're too yung to be in an exclusive relationship ayway.

    Enjoy your freedom!

    I doubt you can get him to do anything emotional, such as desperately wanting to be back with you. So don't bother trying.

    I wouldn't send him any message for Xmas. If he thinks your relationship has faded, let it...fade away completely.! Let him fade forever from your fantasies.

    • Please read the update!

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    • UPDATE-He's just playing you imao..

    • Good for you for making clear to him how you feel. Now it's up to him!

      Best Answer, no?

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  • So sorry to hear this. Sounds really tough.

    It's fine to send him a text on Christmas, but don't your emotions into. Just make it simple and prepare yourself for whatever does or doesn't come back. It does sound like his feelings, at least for the time being, have changed. Try not let yourself be hurt anymore by being overly or naively wishful. Let things run their course.

    I'm sure he misses aspects of your relationship (e.g. texts) that's natural. Even though feelings change it's almost impossible to immediately cut something out of your life. It is possible that he realizes in time that he wants to be with you but in the mean time. Allow yourself to heal, grow, and experience. Try not to put yourself in a position to be emotinally hurt any further by him

    Good luck! Happy Holidays!

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    • It's pretty vague and doesn't seem to display much effort right? So that seems to be where he is. He could be in a selfish time right now, or perhaps simply over the relationship. It's hard to tell. But what is obvious to me is that you need to worry about you. How you can move on. How you can get past this relationship and see the future for all the boundless opportunities for love and happiness it holds.

  • There is nothing wrong with sending him a text to wish him and his family a Happy Christmas. Keep it short and sweet... Don't say things like "I miss you." But you could say "I was thinking of you and hope you and your family have a Happy Christmas!" Then back off and enjoy your day yourself.

    As far as keeping him intrigued... I do not know what to tell you. I would give him some space and then perhaps Friday or Saturday you can call him and ask him how his Christmas was, how he is doing. You could ask him if he has plans for New Year Eve, but I would only pull that one out if the conversation is going well. Also if you do pull that one out, I would be a little prepared that he tells you, but does not invite you along.

    You just have to be you, give him space and be prepared...

    I wish you well.

    • Please read my update!

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    • Seems you can go back to him now and say something funny "When are we going to drink it?"

    • Yeah but I'm not ready to do that yet until I understand his intentions more.

  • he sounds like a little kid who doesn't have his emotional sh!t together. wait until he grows up before you try to get back with him. right now he doesn't seem like he's worth it.

    and to answer your question, there is no magic thing you can say to him that will make him want you back.

    • Oh you don't even know! He compared me to a video game. He was sorry in doing so but it made me understand the situations better I guess plus he said he did love video games and me.. "when you first get a video game, it's so much fun to play with, but as time goes by, the games still really good, just not as fun" hence the fading. But Ik that I'm not contacting him, so is he not contacting me because he respects me or what? Yesterday he responded within ten minutes, what's It mean?

    • like I said, he is emotionally immature. his comparison of you to a video game strongly reflects this immaturity.

      why did he respond to you within 10 minutes? he probably liked you at that particular moment. then in a few hours he won't anymore because he'll be "bored" of you again. then he will again when you wear something he finds attractive. then he won't again when he sees someone more attractive.

      he is a joke

    • All I said was merry Xmas. I hadn't contacted him since we broke up. So I didn't understand what else his text revealed. But we were serious for two years. He said so himself that he loved texting me because our combos are so long. Usually two pages.

  • that week was BS, he knew what he wanted to do. He was either too much of a p**** to do it right then or he wanted to get as much out of you for a week until he did it.

    regardless, if he actually cared the slightest bit about you, that whole week wouldn't have been necessary. its like you have to prove to him that your worth it. you should never be with someone like that

    if you want to send a merry Christmas than go ahead. but I seriously doubt he cares enough to respond, and even if hedoes it shouldn't matter. you should take some time off for yourself and relax and eventually meet someone better

    • It was also testing week. I was really stressed out and I didn't want it to happen. I felt like that week I should have been stand off to him. But I felt that would make me lose him sooner. And I feel like you're right because we have this thing where he gives me a kiss everyday, and he said we should hold that off for now. And now I gotta hold him off. Haha I love how you call him a p**** and stuff. Insulting him makes me feel so much better even if I don't entirely mean it.

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    • I want to say his message was hidden, but then again maybe I'm jut thinkin about it too much.

    • do what you gotta do, but if you take my advice (not that you actually know me so you don't have to) its all gonna backfire on you. your probably better off without him. if I was in your position, like say a girl did all this to me, but then texted me out of nowhere saying she got me a 6 pack of my favorite beer, id tell her to have fun drinking it on her own

  • THe problem was that you even gave him your time of that week, when he say it's fading. Dump HIM RIGHT THERE and then. afterward no contact at all and find yourself a new guy. Seriously? I give you a week to change my mind? what kind of sh*t is that? and you actually played along too? wow.

    • I was desperate to not lose him. And now I don't even have him.

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    • &&it did have an effect on him. He doesn't want me to forget about our relationship.

    • I know you want to hurt him back, trust me I Would loveee to emotionally Crack my ex's. But at the end of the day, you got to ask yourself. Does it make you really happy?. I know you're emotionally hurt right now and it feel like your head is about to explode! But think of it this way. If it was really true love as you said. He would have stay and fix it with you. instead of running away.

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  • Coming from someone who ended a 3.5 year relationship recently - put your phone away on Christmas. I went through the same thing over Thanksgiving. I wasn't able to enjoy my family or friends because I was consumed with checking my phone and worrying about whether or not I would get a call or txt. guess what? I didn't. I felt miserable.

    Dont look desperate. Let him know what it is like to be without you completely.

    How old are you by the way? and how long did you actually date? being under 18 I cannot see you two being together very long...

    • Surprisingly, I feel fine though. I think it's because he gave me a weeks notice in which I wasted crying and telling myself he doesn't want me. That's why I feel like I can say "merry Xmas" and Ik he'll probably respond, but I will have to stop myself from texting back/: I'm 16. And two years,surprising I know. It wasn't even an ugly break up/: he even said during the week that it hasn't faded "that" much. I feel like maybe he just needs time to think? I don't know he's confusing/:

    • give him space. let him come to you. don't sit around waiting for him though. good luck :)

    • Did you see my update?!