Playing hard to get or playing me?

So there's a girl in my class and we known act other for a while. She always compliments , says hi to me first everyday, notices things about me, and even made me her partner for the year. So finally I made my move but once she established I was interested she starting acting funny. It's Xmas break so we've been fb messaging. I asked her for her number but she was like give me yours. She never texted me, I ended up asking her about it a few days later and she avoided the question. She comments on my fb post and stuff but still she acts funny now that we are communicating through text vs in person talking. In person she tries hard for my attention and she's one of the girls highest in demand so I know she's interested because everyone picks up on it. I don't why she's acting like she's not interested through fb nd I'm curious as to why she didn't text me her number I had it before but I lost it so I don't see why she wouldn't give me it now.


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  • May be she is taking her time.Girls normally don't give their numbers too easily. or may be she doesn't trust you yet.


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