Should I even bother contacting him?

So, after a month of hanging out with a guy and texting constantly, we had our first date on the 14th. Went well, in my opinion. He kept on kissing me, didn't want to say goodbye to me at the end of the night, talked about how amazing I am, etc. We also made plans for another date on the 26th.

After our first date, his texting decreased dramatically. He said it would because of his job, and not to worry that he lost interest or is avoiding me, but he's not even texting me on his days off. I'll go for two to three days in a row without hearing from him.

Saturday night, we talked about what to do on our date Wednesday. He said that he really wants to see me again, is super excited to see me, and that we should do something indoors. That's the last I've heard from him.

I have no idea what time, place, etc. for Wednesday. He hasn't bothered contacting me about it, and he was just on Facebook an hour ago. (Granted, he hasn't been on all week, but still.)

Should I even bother confirming plans? He said that we can do whatever I want, so is he just waiting for me to text him? Or has he lost interest completely?


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  • If you have these sort of issues before you've even started a proper relationship, that is a very bad sign. I've been with guys who after a while started doing this (no time for texts, to talk, etc.). But if it happens so early on, I'd run as fast as I can.

    The truth is that it takes a few seconds to send a text, and if you're really interested in someone, you will always have/make the time. Ultimately, it's up to you if you want to pursue this. If I were you, I wouldn't.


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  • well you have caught a wrong guy!

    • You think so? I also am annoyed because to get to him, I'll have to drive 30-50 minutes, and he knows that. It's hard to make that kind of drive last minute.

    • i don't think I know...i can tell you, he even thinks he can have sex with you anytime he wants...that means you are "cheap" in his consents...sorry to say but that's the story of people today!

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