Was I too forward with him?

Meet this guy online, we were both moving to the same city for school and he messaged me on fbabout getting to know me. We have spoken every week mult times for the past 2 months. He always calls me gorgeous, says he wants to actually get to know me, flirts with me etc anyways we have been texting for the past month or so

Yesterday he send me a voice message wishing me marry Christmas and just to say hey. I couldn't hear it because I have the worlds sh*ttiest phone and can't even receive pictures haha

so I told him that if he wanted to he could just call me sometime.

Was I to forward? I have never met anyone online and been in this situation + I'm not experienced when it comes to this type of stuff ( I just got out of a 3 year relationship so I'm rusty haha)


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  • The thing with online relationships is that this guy could be totally different then you would think he is. I haven't been in online relationships in YEARS because my best friend had this guy come over who she met online and he turned out to be a total loser and when she told him off he had all of her information and stalked her a crazy way. She had to MOVE, DELETE HER EMAIL, CHANGE HER CELL # and then when it wouldn't end and she had mentioned where she worked he started staying outside of her work just staring in and she almost lost her job. After two years of dealing with this stalker dude she got a restraining order against him. I think its a bad bad bad idea to do this kind of thing. It is okay under one circumstance: He doesn't have an information that could lead to something terrible. Which means :No address-home phones- places of work- families connections- full information.. <3 Just advice from someone who knows about this crap..