Was this girl using me, into me, or what?

I met this girl at the bank (shes a bank teller). We hung out twice and we texted a lot and showed a lot of interest in each other. after our first hang out she basically told me she wanted me to kiss her so I did our second time hanging out. well she went to cali and we didn't text as much because she was on vacation...well when she got back I asked her to chill and she said she was busy and we didn't text as much. Friday I texted her asking her to hang out and got no reply, Saturday I asked if she wanted to go on a date. she texted backing she's about to head to work, she'll let me know. never heard from her. so I texted her asking what's the deal are you into me. she said don't take it personal I've just been really busy sorry. so I let it go, but she still acted the same and asked again what's the deal. her response was neck pain, she been busy with unpacking and her friend died. so I believed the friend part and gave her space. then I told her I'm going out on Thanksgiving eve and she's more than welcome to come. she told me she was staying in but that was a lie. found out she went out with her co workers. I gave her space and then 5 days later I decided to ask her to lunch, she said yes. then cancelled and told me a lot is going on her life and a great guy in all. few days later she text me asking if I watched a football game making small talk and started to get flirty with me so I was getting mixed signals. so she left me hanging again so I sent her a message on how I feel and told her how she's making me confused with the mix feelings and so on. she told me she's sorry but you can't help who you like but thinks I moved to fast with the kiss (she told me if you remember) but said sorry. I texted her and told her I wanted to go slow and asked if she wanted to restarted and get to know each other, hang out, and see where things go. she never texted me back. so now two weeks ago I go to the bank and she seems a little dressed up and making small talk with me and then compliments me on my signature. this week two people are in there before I am and she sees me an asked me if I need help and the acts a bit flirty and tells me how easy my account number is and she's going to remember it for me...so what is up with this girl? she can't text me back to restart but acts a bit flirty with me at the bank...any advice or thoughts


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  • What I will say will be harsh... so you will need a helmet before I give you a blow.

    She is not into you and she flirts once in a while to keep you hanging on in case she needs favors.

    So for the future:

    If a woman asks you to kiss her, don't and say instead, "When you deserve that kiss, I´ll kiss you.¨ Then you smile and wink at her. Then later on as a surprise you kiss her (on another date). Its important that you take charge and its better to randomly kiss a girl when she is not ready than wait until she asks you to kiss her because by then she has lost any attraction she had from the beginning.

    2. Don´t message and text her when she is not texting or messaging back and to make matters worse... don't ever whine about her not responding your texts. (this behavior is the male equivalent of having to date a mammoth chick with a beard). If a woman rejects your offers or cancels them later on, make it clear that she has missed the boat with you unless she makes up by inviting you or asking you out herself. So after being rejected please don't move a finger on that girl and move on.

    3. be aware that some women are bitches who like to use men like you, to buy them food, do favors for them at the bank, fix their computer etc... in the end you will waste your time on her and not get laid.

    • Good luck on your journey. It's a tough one but one worth the risk.

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  • she was interested, but she lost interest now. Girls ALWAYS lose interest after vacation... it's like after rewinding... that we would have a fresh start. I know I'm like that.

    anyway, stop initiating and see if she initiates hang outs or conversations. then you can gauge her interest. if she doesn't, dude, move on.


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  • B and Acka nailed this one out of the park. Bro, what in the name of all that is holy are you pursuing this chick to the end of the earth for? Asking for a day to go out on a date is like playing tennis. You hit the ball over and you wait for it to come back so you can respond. What if you didn't like me and I kept blowing up your phone, you'd eventually start ignoring me after you told me to piss off. However, women instinctually know that guys don't handle rejection well and they sugar coat the piss out of your twix bar so you don't get butt hurt. Get why she still is slightly flirty when you see her at work? She doesn't want there to be bad emotions for her to work in so she makes you feel good but is giving you the hint with the maybes and not responding she's not interested. Tough to hear but it;s how I learned the system of dating bro too. She's off the idea to hang with all the pursuit you did with a stick and smile on your face. Learn from this and there's always a new bus every 15 minutes.

    Avoid being the damn tennis ball machine gunner and wait for replies back if they have any interest. If you want to improve your dating and social life youtube Coach Corey Wayne, read his book How to be a 3 percent man, and if your pick up is lacking youtube uk street attraction. Richard and eddie are legit as they come and love women and they love them back.

  • best thing you could possibly do to win this girl? Simply pretend you don't care in the least about her anymore and have moved on. Even better, go out and start dating the hottest girl you can possibly find. The she will get jealous and you got her for sure.

    She is interested, but playing super hard to get cause you are coming on too strong. Pull waaaay back, be nice and flirt a little bit when you see her working, but that's about it.

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