I've been dating a girl for over 2 months but we seem to act unnatural around each other

I truly like this girl, she is everything I every dreamed about in a girl and we always have fun when we're together and have a ton in common but for some reason we don't act like boyfriend and girlfriend when we're with each other. We just feel unnatural around each other and haven't even kissed yet and are barely ever physical with each other besides holding hands. I don't know what the problem is but we just went through a tough week of realizing all this and coming to accept that it's happening. We are trying trying to make things work because we both like each other and haven't done anything to make either of us mad at the other, we are just confused as to why we are unnatural around each other. She is my first girlfriend and I'm her second and her last one was 4 years ago but she has had sexual relations with other guys in the past but is still a virgin and said that she has never been so unnatural with a guy and never felt unnatural with any of the other guys she has been with in the past. So where we are right now is stuck trying to figure out if we are meant to be because we don't feel like it should be unnatural because we both know we like each other but can't seem to act like we're dating when we're with each other. I know though that I am the perfect guy for her because I will never hurt her in any way and will always be there for her. But she has told me that she normally falls for the bad guys for some reason and I don't want her to have to settle for a bad guy when she has a great good guy in me. Do I just need to man up and make a move on her (i.e. kiss her) and that will make us a lot more comfortable or what should I do? Or is it really not meant to be?


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  • Either you guys should be just friends or both of you are waaaaay too shy and you need to make a move b4 someone gets bored of it. . Be a man and get control over it kiss her hug her don't act like you have a wall in between. I've been with my boyfriend for 2 months I know him for 5 months or so. And we are already on the verg of being engaged...


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