Why haven't I heard back from him after the 1st date?

So it's been 3 days since our first date, thought we had a good time. Which during the date he had mentioned that he doesn't like games and doesn't like drama "which sounds great to me" because I'm the same way. Anyway I sent him a text today saying merry x-mas, he said it back then I felt like taking the initiative to text and say that I have an xtra ticket to an after Xmas comedy show happening in 2 days. I haven't heard anything back from him and it's been about 5-6 hrs. I know it's Xmas and he's probably got stuff going on w his family and I'm probably obsessing but what are the odds he will get back to me at all? (side note: Don't want to sound conceded but I get hit on and asked out all of the time by guys and even girls. And I typically don't stress about this kind of stuff but very rarely do I come across a guy that perks my interest this much.) Not going to contact him further for obvious reasons of not looking desperate yada ya. I'm not desperate just puzzled is all. Thoughts would bee greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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  • He could just be super busy at this time of year with family and friends, other girls!

    He said he didn't like drama..maybe, by sayin that, he was signnalling he didn't want a second date, telling you he would just not contact you again rather than openly say he wan't interested and risk a big dramatic scene or tearful texts, or angry texts!


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