What are some tests you can do over text that can tell you if he likes you or not?

It's winter break & there is a high chance that I will not see him over it. So what are some text message tests I can do to see if he wants to talk to me or even likes me more than a friend? My BFF says he likes me but she's my BFF so she's supposed to say sh*t like that. I don't like him yet because I'm afraid he won't

sdfghjhgf guys I don't want him to be "the one" I'm 16, I could care less about that :p I'm just trying to figure out me ! When I mean test I don't want to manipulate him in any way or be mean, just a harmless "test"


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  • Don't test him. If you like him, try to keep in touch. If not, what does does it matter to you if he will talk to you or not?


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  • If you don't like him, how could you know if he likes you. We perceive what we want to perceive is what I believe...so basically, if you like him, you'll see him as liking you. If you don't like him, you'll see him as not liking you. It's up to you to choose what you want...and to see what he'll do. ENVIRONMENT AFFECTS BEHAVIOR

    • I don't know if I like him, I don't know what should be the deciding factor! haha

    • If you don't know if you like him..he's probably not right for you, usually you feel it right away

  • F*** these silly sh*t tests, be a man and find out for sure

    • 1) I'm not a man [; 2) that's what I'm asking! How the f*** do I find out for sure?

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    • I wasn't taking things too literally! Hence the winky face! :p God dang, young f**s taking things to seriously {;

    • lulz, watch those jimmies

  • You're cute as hell.


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