What's his deal? Does he like me or not?

Alright so I met this guy through one of my friends a few months back. When we text it always goes fairly well. He is very flirty and says stuff like, "I wish I was with you," "You're so pretty how are you single?" "I love talking to you," "I wish there was a girl like you that went to my school." however he rarely texts me back. I'll try and text him but he rarely replies, but when he texts me the conversation always goes really well. I don't understand what's going on. Because he won't text me much, but when he does he acts like he's really into me. I really like him, but I'm stressed cause I'm not sure what to do since he doesn't answer much. I've talked to my friend and he said he isn't very good with his phone, but I still wish he would reply more. Any advice on what I should do? Do you guys think he may like me?


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  • A few questions...

    What do you mean by "rarely texts me back"? Like he doesn't respond quickly? Or he ignores your message all together? If so what gets the conversation going usually?

    Does he have an excuse to be slow texting back? (like a job?)

    And...how well do you know him in person? Do you hang out in person? Does he talk like that in person or is he more shy? Does he give similar attention to other girls?

    Sorry for so many questions feel free to answer what you feel is relevant. It's hard to make a good guess without knowing more about him.

    • He usually will ignore the text all together. When he texts me he usually just starts out by saying "Hey!"

      He is a hockey player so he's at practice a lot, which I completely understand!

      We know each other okay in person, we get shy around each other. We don't go to the same school but when I see him at the hockey games he always says hi and looks excited to see me. I don't know how he is around other girls.

      No problem about asking questions.

    • Ok it is concerning to me that he doesn't get back to you when you text him and you mostly talk when it's on "his time". Hockey players are very busy especially during this season so that gives some reason but I think it'd be a better sign if he responded after practice. If you guys get shy around each other I'd say at minimum he is attracted to you. And if he always says hi you're definitely going through his head sometimes.

    • Overall, at this age I don't think he's messing with you. I think it's genuine. I think he does like you but I don't think it's one of those overwhelming crushes.

      If you hung out more it would develop more.

      Have you hung out one on one?

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  • "wish I was with you,"

    hmmmmm kinda says it doesn't it. in fact its kind of the black and white definitive proof of the fact that he likes you cause he has said exactly that pretty much lol.

    Some people are crap at keeping up to date with replies. and his mates are telling you he is one of those people, which your obviously not paying attention to lol cause your still confused because he ain't replying, which you know he won't because he is crap at answering his phone. its a vicious circle cause your not paying attention to common sense.

    he has said he wants to be your missis, so he likes you, if he's not answering texts TALK TO HIM IN PERSON.

    bluddy stupid teenagers lol

    • Well that was kind of rudely said, but I understand what you're saying. I can't talk to him in person much because we don't go to the same school so I don't see him often.

    • sos if I offend I try to be as blunt as possible lol try on all media to organise to meet him then, then you can talk to him about it.

      sos again if I was rude though I suppose I'm too sarcastic and flippent online lol I never meant anything horrid

  • Well Erin I don't think he would say all that stuff if he didn't like you. The thing is with texting is you don't know what the other person is doing at the time or if they're busy or stuff like that. Do you see him in person much? How does he act around you?

    • That's true, he's a hockey player so he can be pretty busy! And I don't see him in person a lot because we go to different schools, but when we do see each other he seems happy to see me, he acts nervous though.

    • Yep then I'd say he likes you but he's got a busy schedule. Acting nervous is a sign too. Maybe you could go watch him play and ask if he'd like to get a coffee some time after the game. Keep it sweet and simple with no pressure and take it from there :)

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  • Just move on when you do that he will either continue going his own way or contact u. Also when you ignore a guy an don't throw yourself at him he will get back to you. If he really likes you he knows where you live an he knows your number so he can contact you when he wants but if he waits to long then you move on. Good luck