Ex texted me after months of no communication.

So my ex sent me a text message after not hearing from her since October. I had deleted her number after a few weeks of no communication. She had thought to include her name in her first text. She just asked how I was and told me how she was, said she was excited it was going to be a big Christmas for her little girl. But no real talk. She said it won me major points I asked about her little girl, and she even talked like she wanted me to be a part of her life.

But that was Sunday, Tuesday I texted her Merry Christmas, but that conversation didn't last long. I don't get why she texted me or why she kept my number. My number is private and I don't give it out to but a few close friends, none of which we have in common. I don't get why she bothers with me, I know she has feelings for her ex and even put another guy ahead of me when I was trying to get with her.

I don't get why, I only talk to her on her terms and I hate that, but I did promise I'd be there for her and I'd not be a jerk to her so I can't ignore her, nor do I want a confrontation with her, so I don't try to push her to talk about how I feel she treated me and the like.


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  • Maybe in a moment if weakness she was feeling lonely and wanted someone, anyone to talk to


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