He signed up for a dating website today. He's done it before, and never usually acts on it.

So I've been dating this guy for almost 2 years and living with him, taking care of our pets that we got together for about half of a year. Now that I found him a job here and a home, he wants me to move into a dorm when I get the chance. He still wants to stay together, just wants time apart too "for when I drive him crazy."

Also, he signed up for a dating website today. He's done it before, and never usually acts on it.. just uses it for an ego boost I guess...

All the while I'm totally devoted to him, not interested in anyone or anything else... I just don't really know what this means or what to do...

I moved out and we aren't together, but I'm still attached to him. This is kind of my first big break up. I know he doesn't deserve much, but something in me feels like if I keep giving then eventually he will see it and be receptive. I see him a lot, but he joins more sites and tells me he doesn't.

He makes me feel like a total creep that never had any place in his life.


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  • And Your still with him?!... You're way to accepting of his flaws that just aren't accepting in this case. You seem to do so much for him and he is just unappreciative of everything you do. He does seem to be using you and taking time away from you because he generally does not want to be with you. You sound like such a kind person and he is walking all over you, I think you should have a talk with him and maybe move on from him,because if not your going to be stuck in the same situation with him where he is going to want to be away from you and you will just carry on being nice and doing things for him that he does not deserve. Do something before it becomes worse,be strong and get on with your life.


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  • wow, you found him a job and a home? and he wants YOU to leave? in my opinion it kinda sounds like he's using you. I mean after 2 years and now all of a sudden he wants you to move out. Does that mean you've been driving him crazy for 2 years and he has just delt with it? If he really loved you he'd want you to stay with him. By you moving out it may give him sometime to actually use the dating websites without worrying about you watching over him. First you should talk to him and if still feels the same way, you should consider breaking up with him. I hope everything works out!