Should I let him back into my life?

About a month ago, I started talking to a guy from my school on Twitter... he's 2 years older than me. He plays baseball and he's so sweet. We exchanged numbers and texted back and forth for a few days. We Skyped once and things seemed to be going somewhere. I really started to like him. Anyway, after talking for 3 or 4 days, he just stopped texting me back. For a while I thought he had just fallen asleep while texting me. Then I realized he might have stopped texting me because our motivations were different. (I'm a virgin and he asked if I wanted him to be my first.. I told him I didn't know.)

Anyway, here we are almost a month later with absolutely no contact... he messaged me on Facebook and we Skyped again. He messaged me and said "Jamie! I'm so sorry, my texts weren't going through but I was getting texts. All I could do was tweet." I'm really not sure if I should trust him again because I was pissed after what happened last time. I like him and all but I feel like that's all a lie and I don't want to get hurt.

Anyway, should I talk to him again or should I just ignore him and try to move on?


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  • Probably ignore him. The "my texts didn't go through" bit was bullsh*t - if he wanted to talk to you so bad, why didn't he Skype/FB/email you before?

    More likely than not, he wants to get in your pants, but earlier in the month decided to pursue other , easier opportunities. Sounds like he blew those, so now he's trying again with you.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think one more chance, any funny bissness then not again . Plus don't sleep with him for 6 months to be sure he is trust worthy

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