How do I impress... and fast?

so there's a VERY cute exchange student at school and I think he's cute and apparently he's right nice and I wanna get to know him but he's leaving in like a week and I wanna hang out with him and get to know him because when he goes back to mexico were only gonna be able to talk online.. any thoughts?


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  • My best advice would be to leave it alone,Im sure there are plenty guys in wherever you are who are cute and nice.Trust me when I say you DO NOT want to get involved with someone who is leaving in a week.I know from experience,I got together with my ex a few days before he left to North Carolina,and it was a terrible experience.It would be different if you guys were already in a relaitonship for awhile and you wanted to try to keep in contact,but I'm sorry to say that knowing each other for a week is not going to motivate either of you to not get involved with people who are living in your zip code.Being that you probably won't take this advice,and if you truly are infatuated with the idea of getting to know him,ask him to hang out and just be yourself.If in fact,you guys end up having a wonderful connection and stay in touch,maybe it will turn into something.But this is only if you REALLY think he's the only person who you can potentially see yourself with.

    Good luck!

  • i'd get straight in there, girl! he's going back to mexico and you won't see him in person, so you need to spend all the time you have left with him. talking online isn't the same as talking in person, so I'd tell him how you feel. you probably won't ever meet him in person again, so now's your chance - take it, girl.