He never texts me first.

Known a guy for a while, we had a fling last year, both regretted it. We've been talking as friends since August, and since then he has apologized for being a tool and using me for a fling. When we text it's usually at least 15 back and forth messages, but he never texts me first. Why? He always texts me back when I initiate it, but he's never first.


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  • I can't really say why he doesn't text you first.Maybe he doesn't like texting all day,maybe he is shy.Maybe,maybe,maybe. GIRLS are notorious for NOT taking a HINT. Here is a lesson for you girly,that I hope you take for the rest of your life:

    *DO NOT give someone more energy and effort than they are giving YOU.*

    If he never TEXTS YOU,then STOP INITIATING texts with him...its simple.He probably already knows you will text first...since you always do.If you desire to hear from him first,stop messaging him first.If he cares about your friendship,he will remember you and reach out to you.Give someone else a chance yo show that they care.

    If he doesn't,then you will know how he truly feels.Afterall,actions speak a hell of a lot louder than words.Good luck.

    • I totally agree with this, I had a situation with a guy who would sometimes text in this kind of way so I left him to it and let him intiate the conversation ,because if not you'll make yourself look like a desperate fool like I could of until I realized it was not worth the time. 'Never make someone a priority who just makes you an option'. That's what I've learnt.

    • Very very true. Thanks ladies!

    • Thanks for BA...good luck!

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