Is he losing interest or is he just busy?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a while now, not quite a year, but the past few months it seems like I'm the one putting in more effort in communicating with him. He used to text me good morning and good night and intermittently throughout the day but now it seems like if I don't initiate the communication, I won't hear from him. Can this be fixed? I feel like I can't tell him to text me more. Another thing is that the only time he tells me I'm beautiful is after we have sex, I don't know if that means anything. Any and all answers are appreciated.


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  • its seems your relationship lacks communication. its been just an year and you guys seem to have lost communication which generally happens years after marriage. So you don't you guys hang out together, do something both of you enjoy except sex(guys generally want to sleep after sex) since you want to exchange your feelings please no sex until you talk. enjoy an evening talk about all these thing. there is a possibility that he is busy but again the starting few months in a relationship are very romantic since you try to listen to each other and understand each other but with passing months you get to know you partner so well that you generally run out of topics to talk about.

    make plans together, hang out with common friends and yes give each other space for heaven sake both of you need some fresh air to breath in. this might help you. tell him how you feel when he doesn't text you or initiate any communication.

    All the best with that... :)


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  • It could honestly be both.


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  • hi.. why not try to tell him what you feel.. its very important in a relationship to be open to each other. so that both of you know how to adjust or fix the problem and avoid argument that may lead to separation.. but make sure when you open your side, you'll start it in a nice way.. goodluck.. =)

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