Guys: When do you know you've found THE girl to settle down with?

I know a few girls who have waited around on their boyfriends to pop the big question but instead get dumped by these guys for other girls.

Is there any way a girl can tell whether they're dating a guy who's just dating them until someone better comes along? Or is it just a gamble?


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  • It's a risk. There is no surefire way to know if a guy will be that serious. There are some signs though, co-signing anything, a ring obviously, or letting you meet his family or meeting yours. These are signs that he's taking the steps forward.

    • I think the co-signing would be the biggest step in a sense. Some guys take every girl home to meet their parents.

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  • You know when the guy is older than 30. You're 18-24. Assuming that's correct, almost no guys are going to want to settle down with you right now.

    • So I'll have to date guys who are much older than myself if I want a serious relationship then?

    • I wouldn't date a much older guy...

  • I'd say that if a guy really loves you, he should be able to tell you.

    I tell my Girlfriend that I love her every single day, I tell her how beautiful she is, how I adore her and so on.

    Some of the big clues if he is looking to settle down could be talking about kids, telling you that he wouldn't be able to lose you and all that stuff.

    I'm planing to propose to my GF, but I'm not quite ready yet, although I've met her parents, she has met mine, we have gone through all the Girlfriend boyfriend stuff really.

    But some guys don't propose because the girl may be sending mixed signals or whatsoever.

    Hope this answered your question.

  • I don't know what kind of signs I give off but I can tell you what I do. I am going to marry my girlfriend next year and I treat her the way she deserves and she knows that she is the only one for me. I trust her and she trusts me which is one of the most attractive things about her. I take her any where she wants buy her anything and we spend a lot of time together so we really know everything about each other which helps if you want to take the relationship to the next step. I just bought her a brand new car we have a wonderful house and have been living together for about two years now. I never forget our adversity or her birthday and I always do something special for her. I give her flowers regularly we go out to diner once a week and do other things. I tell her that she is the most beautiful woman and that I am the luckiest man on earth and I really am. The biggest thing I guess is that I involve her in all of my decisions so she knows I am going to be with her forever. Those are the things I do to show my girl that love her and that I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

    It's all kind of cheesy now that I actually read it, But damn I lover her.

    I hope this answers your question somewhat.

  • Its a gamble your age does not matter how long you have been together I've known people that have been together foe3 years get married and divorce in 6mos It's a gamble you hope he/she is into you as much as you are into them

    • But statistics would probably say that persons who get married at a younger age are more susceptible to divorce than persons who get married at an older age

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    • :) I'm sure you do. It's great that you haven't gotten hard over your break up - your heart still work :).

    • Of course my heart still works I have grandchildren that look up to me One door closes another door opens Life is an adventure live it enjoy it love it life is much too Precious watch it pass by and do nothing with it My grand children reminded me of that you just never know where, from who or when you could learn a new lesson thanks for chatting T2TY

  • When its the hottest girl possible. That's when.


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