Should I say yes or no to a first date?

There's this guy I like at work and he seems to like me, at least the way I look, he stares at me all the time, but he seems shy... he's best friend always says hi and has talked to me before, the guy I like just says hi and smiles. So coincidentally, the best friend and I started talking by office mail and he asked me for my phone number for his friend and told me this guy really likes me, a lot. So I gave it to him and he sent me the guy's number. So now, if eventually the guy calls I'm not sure if I should agree right away or say no to see if he's really interested. I don't have much date experience, so I don't know. by the way, I won't call him, no matter what.


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  • If you like the guy, go for it. "I won't call him no matter what". Your already jeopardizing the relationship before it has even started...

    Don't play games. It's friggin annoying. And if he is that shy of a guy, he probably "doesn't understand" games, so your going to have to be more blunt and upfront with him, and (gasp) maybe your going to have to put more effort into this relationship than you are used to doing.

    if your not willing to do that, then don't go out with him, because it probably will not work out.

    • Tnx, I'm not into games myself either, but that's been my friends advice so far. That's why I hesitated. Thank you very much for the advice, it's nice to have a guy's perspective ;) Appreciate it.

    • Sure. No problem, good luck, I hope it works out for both of you.

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