I have been dating a guy for 10 months, exclusively. We are over 50, so we hang with a lot of old friends fro

High school. So, 3 of the girls that we hang with we knew back in high school but have just reconnected with them since we have started dating. And Sat night my boyfriend pulls out Christmas presents for these 3 girls. Nothing really big but he didn't tell me about it and I felt like a fool when he gives these girls a gift. Am I tripping over something stupid?


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  • No, the guy still hasn't learned how to relate to his girlfriend, has he? Giving unannounced gifts to others in front of you is something any 15 year old should know better about!

    Sad how we often never grow up! Just hanging out with the others with you is bad enough.

  • 1) Could be he just wanted to be a "nice" guy 2) could be he wanted to keep these ladies happy for some other reason(s) 3) Might not be a "big' deal? Dunno? 4) He should have told you about this before. Tell him how you really feel and see what happens in the future!


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