Guy trouble is getting me down...

Okay I like this guy I have been friends with him for 7 years now! We use to get along great and see and talk to each other all the time, until we left it weeks with out saying anything or even not asking to see each other. So I told him that we shouldn't talk any more as I couldn't be bothered to do all the running cause in the end it was just me making convo, so we stopped talking for 5 months! Then I poked him on Facebook, then he added me, we got talking again like old times. But then I saw on his profile that he was dating. He messages me now and again and calls me up every week, but lately I haven't really heard anything from him even though he said he loved and cared about me and that he would date me if he was single, I told him not to be silly even though I've liked him for ages! I get annoyed when I don't hear from him even though he isn't mine! I like him a lot and I've told him this and he said he felt the same way! But I know his girlfriend doesn't like him talking to other girls as he told me. Does it sound like he likes me? Or is he lying to me?


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  • Well, I might sound like the bad guy here, but I'm gonna call it as I see it. Also I understand how you feel, and I am kinda on your side, but more on the side of logic.

    The fact is...he has a girlfriend. The case is closed until that changes. Obviously, she isn't the best girlfriend because she sounds controlling, but it doesn't matter. Until he decides to get rid of her, your hands are tied. He is hers. Until that changes, case closed.

    I will also add there is something extremely strange about this guy. Re-read your quote..."he would date me if he's single."..."he said he loved me and cared about me"...

    Lets analyze this. He's in a relationship. He's dating a girl and talking to another girl like that. That, my friend is emotional cheating. That is in no way fair to his current girlfriend. Something else to take into account is why isn't he single? He has power over his relationship status. If he's in love with you, why doesn't he become single? Unless his current girlfriend has him tied in her basement, he can become single if he wanted to. WIth all of that being the case, this guy isn't 100% trustworthy. If I was you, I'd watch your back.

    One other thing I'll point out is that you've had 7 years to act upon your feelings with him. Every once in a while, there's a point where somebody has to go for what they want. You've been at that point for 7 years...and haven't acted upon it. This is how you and I relate. I have learned that when you have a shot at something, take it. Things might suck if it turns out that it doesn't work out, but at least you can look back and say you gave it your all.

    My overall advice is this: Do not interfere with his current relationship. Don't get involved. Its their relationship, not yours...regardless of how she treats him. If he comes to you again and says he loves you, tel him its inappropriate to say such things when he's with another girl.

    Eventually, he'll become single if what he says is true (she doesn't let him talk to other girls). Guys don't like controlling girls, even if it takes years for us to realize the girl is controlling. When he does become single, then things change...and you have an open opportunity to confess your feelings of 7 years.

    But I will point out...if he is willing to say he loves you while with another girl, would he ever be willing to tell another girl he loves her while with you?

    Good luck...hope it works out.


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  • Aww he seems to really like you! Cute story!