Why do some moms tend to harass their sons dating life?

ive seen a few moms outright lie & guilt their sons out of dating. I'm not talking picking out girls for them...

im talking, guys 18+ that have moms that will go through hell & high water

a perfect example? me

my town is particularly small enough that my mom knows someone anywhere I go (staff,security guards, a cop, store owners, etc) , so any girl I'm seen talking to in public will be told about to her...

Ive kept her off my Facebook, but she knows enough of my other friends on there that she has no problem using their accounts to look at my activities...

any girl I'm seen talking to will be the subject of a long drawn out inquiry, or (on several occasions when I was 19) she went out and found the girl when she was with me to find out herself...

even going so far as to say to one in particular "look elsewhere. this child does not need someone to play games with. he needs a wife"

s.n: as a kid, she tended to whup me in front of class while yelling at me "that little girl you like is gonna watch you get that ass beat, little boy!"

why would anyone do that?


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  • There are three reasons that I can think of:

    1) She wants to make sure the woman you end up with is decent

    2) She has some reverse-Oedipus complex accompanied with incestuous desires and/or the want to be the sole woman in your life

    3) She wants your life to be miserable

    You decide which is most likely.

  • cuz your mom is loony? wow... I did know there were mom's out there like that... well if you don't live with her I'd just tell her "i'm a adult and I will decide who I want to be with. this is about my happness not yours".

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