What does it mean when a guy says he wants to "be alone" and not hang out with me?

My guy friend that I hang out with tells me 3-4 days a week that he wants to "be alone" after him and I hang out for a couple of hours. I can see that he's tired during the week and gets up early for work, but on a Friday night, we go out to dinner and then he wants to go home and get to bed early, but then ends up staying out all night and doesn't come home because he wants to "be alone"? Where the hell do you go all night to "be alone"? Should I believe him when he says "I stayed at my buddy's house"?


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  • I am sorry

    how long have you been hanging out?

    I only know last year, when my guy-friend started to tell me he wanted to be alone , then we hung out less and less, then he told me he wanted to figure out his life and we shouldn't see each other too often , then he told me he talked with his ex very excitedly and they wanted to have another try, then I walked away.

    you can ask him if you are comfortable with that, and protect yourself from being hurt so badly.

    that is only my experience, maybe your guy friend is not that jackass, we just misunderstand him. you can also be optimistic.

    Good luck and bless you too

    • Thanks for answering my question. We've been hanging out on and off for 2 years. During that time I dated someone else and then he dated someone else. He got that person pregnant and I've been hanging out with him and his baby during the week. But when he doesn't have his son, he wants to be alone or he says he wants to go to bed early.

      He's so good at lying, that everything he says I want to believe!

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