Do I even have a chance with a guy who won't date girls that make more than him?

I know my employee really likes me and I also know he is just working there until he finds a better job. He has also said he doesn't date girls that make more than him. Is it even worth trying to pursue?


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  • Yes it's worth pursuing. Saddle up that horse!

    He probably said he doesn't date girls who make more money because he believes women always desire men that provide. Its mostly true but if you're an exception, make it known.

    • Oh I am trying just can't tell if it's working. I even mentioned that most of the guys I date tend to make less than me and he was horrified.

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    • Hmm maybe just stubborn. I mentioned another guy and he went crazy.

    • Geez. He really needs to sack up. If he really likes you he can have you.. but he's just not going for it. Again, those are the two possibilities.

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