What is he trying to ask?

So I got this weird text from my guy friend: “Do you anyone”

A lot of times while texting he misspells or skips a word or two. He stutters in person a lot so that could be part of the problem.

I’m not sure what he’s trying to ask. The only thing I can think of is “do you like anyone” but I don’t know why he’d randomly text that.

Questions: What was he trying to say? How do I respond? Is it possible that his sister/her friends or his friends sent the message and not him?

Actually his message was "Do like anyone"


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  • yes that's what he's asking...do you like him?

    if you don't like him tell him no even if you do.

    if you do like him tell him yes and see if he wants to know if it's him...if he does he'll say who and then you'll say "just someone" and ya'll can be all coy about it when you ask if he likes someone and so on till someone confesses.

    • Before I give him an answer, should I ask him "what?" as if I don't know what he's asking because he left out a word. But then I feel like if I ask that he'll just say "nevermind".

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    • that might have been alittle too forward for him it probably freaked him out that you were gonna reject him if he said yes. there's nothing wrong with being forward though a lot of guys don't like playing games and will appreciate that you dont.

    • True. That's what I think too. Yesterday I asked him to hang out, but he couldn't but immediatly suggested Friday. He left a 1:30 voice mail saying how I can call him anytime even if it's 1am!Then late last night I finally sent him my answer basically saying yes. Today in school he greeted me, but we didn't have a convo. I could tell he was embarrassed.

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