Girls, does this guy have too many quarks for you to want to date him?

I met this guy who at first was totally charming and nice.. but he has some really intense quarks it seems and I'm not sure if I can handle them anymore. I have to keep a list of what he likes and dislikes.

He hates all seafood and won't eat it

Doesn't like vegetables or fruits (so he hardly ever ever ever eats them unless rewarded with cookies or something)

Dislikes when girls wear perfume

Dislikes when girls wear makeup

Only likes his pasta cooked one way

Doesn't believe in sex before marriage

Hates all cheesy popcorn

Doesn't like lace or when girls like it

Doesn't like to be touched at all after doing anything sexual

Doesn't drink any alcohol ever

Doesn't drink any soda ever

Doesn't like to talk on the phone

Important conversations can only be done in person

Doesn't like txting

Dislikes sarcasm

Hates expensive restaurants, dressing up (to the point he pretty much won't go)

Is opposed to saying I miss you

Is entirely dominant in the bedroom, but is sweet when you're around friends

Would you date a guy with that many preferences?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Sounds like a guy whose got his d*** on backwards...

    What are you thinking?

    • He's really nice on the outside... but SO type A. I'm not sure if I can keep up. When I fall out of line with these requests he makes it clear in his own ways.

    • Doesn't believe in sex before marraige yet is dominant in the bedroom...

      How do you know that?

      Sounds like an idiot.

    • haha like with everything else he does... he brings my flowers expectantly, but then he really likes to hold me down in bed and if I try to get away (like actually try) I really can't get away!

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What Guys Said 2

  • Most of those I don't see as a big deal other than a few like not talking on the phone, not being willing to go out to nice restaurants (getting dressed up can be annoying tbh, but still should do it), and not openly missing you and being entirely dominant. Seems... selfish.

    • ugh yeah idk. it's so his way or the highway... and it's not that he's mean about it... he's just like well if we don't do this then we are just not meant to. it's getting old.

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    • so does the good out weigh the bad to you?

    • I wish I didn't feel this way because I know deep down he's a nice guy, but I don't think I could ever love him. Everything has to be his way and if I don't like it then he's just like well you can leave? and when it comes to something I prefer... a compromise to him essentially means he'll try at what I like for a day and then he'll go back to w/e he does... but that I can't go back to what I did. (wow that sounded confusing, but you know.)

  • Based on what you told me I hate this guy and I would hate him even if he were a got girl. Only bad immature children dislike vegetables and have this many preferences. Sorry but this person disgusts me

    • Yeah... idk, we've only been together for a month and there's already that much? what next? plus he drives like a granny. doesn't EVER speed. idk, he's so nice... but that's quite a list

    • personally I'm OK with all of them except the vegetables one. A person who shuns healthy eating like that to me is a complete perversion of a responsible mature human person. Even some kids are not that childish. Sorry I cannot like your guy. If you can stand him may good things befall you regardles

What Girls Said 2

  • I don't care what kind of food preferences a guy has (although a non-picky eater is a plus). But I will wear what I want, which includes, lace, makeup, and perfume. I will eat and drink what I want, which includes alcohol. I will talk the way I want, and I will expect contact when we cannot see each other through texting or talking on the phone.

    I doubt a guy like this and myself would even make it to the first date lol I'd be too busy laughing while he tried to tell me the list of rules I have to follow. This b.s. would never fly. He gets off on being controlling and high maintenance.

    • yeah, it's not that he doesn't allow any of those... well, one time I wore a lace slip and he like FLIPPED out and wouldn't touch me til I took it off. and the whole won't ever say I miss you thing? Totally odd to me. Odd things just keep coming up and it's only been a month. What more is there? Mehhh :/

  • If I liked him, I would. But we'd have to compromise into solving a few of those things, or onto him accepting me doing so when I'm not around him (like drinking alcohol when I go out with friends, or when I know I won't be with him). And, if I were to respect his "quirks", he'd have to respect mine...

    • Wow, maybe you should date him lol. Yeah, that's the thing... I'm expected to respect his quarks, but he doesn't respect mine. He expects mine to change... or... idk, I think he just thinks we aren't meant to be if these things aren't already perfect. But how can you find someone so challenging? I'm laid back and I find him difficult.

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    • Can't you try to discuss this with him, like, your opinion on his attitude, and ask him to share his about yours? Maybe you'll get to see his point of view and you'll also see his... That could be a very good thing.

    • lol yeah, I've tried. he just kind of shrugs his shoulders. meh oh well