How tell if a girl really likes you?

How can I tell if a girl really likes me? I met a girl that I really like and want it to work out. The thing is I am newbie when it comes to girls and relationships (never had a girlfriend, still a vigin). I don't know what to look for when it comes to her really being into me and want to be with me, vs being a gold digger or a girl who is just looking for a nice night out. So far we have gone on three dates, after the second date we had our first kiss. We also have kissed on the last date. She hasn't even offered to pay, key word is offer. My heart is telling me to keep going, but my brain is telling me just be careful and try and look for signs.


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  • Sounds like she likes you from what you are saying in your question. If she wants to vontinue hanging out after you kissed that's definitely a sigh.


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