Girl never texts first...

Ok, so this girl and I have this sorta long distance text flirty friendship thing going on. When we start talking, it can easily last hours with both of us engaged and it's never boring. She's really polite, very appreciative of me, and really seems to enjoy it. So why doesn't she ever text first? Is it just not that important to her or is it a girl thing where she wants me to do all the work?

Any thoughts?


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  • She might be scared. I've been like that before with a guy. It was long distance & I was seriously into him. I was afriad that if I ever made a move like texting him first that it would freak him out I was showing too much interest too soon. I thought that things would be fine if he just messeged me. Only so I would know I wasn't bugging him & that he actually wanted to talk to me. I know that's a hug mistake, but it happens sometimes. It sounds like she does like you, so maybe she's just afriad & a little shy.

    • Honestly that's the impression I get, because she always seems happy to hear from me, and isn't afraid to tell me if its a bad time for her. The thing is, it's been almost a year... Why isn't she over it yet?

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    • Interesting. Any thoughts about how to handle it and making her open up more? You're being very helpful.

    • I don't know, but either way if you guys want to actually be with each other than one of you is going to have to make a move first.

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  • She proubably doesn't want to come on too strong

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