OMG this boy is being SO lame!!!

I've been seeing this guy for a few months. I texted him to hang out this weekend, but he never responded. He's been doing this lately, and every time I think he's out of the picture, he calls and wants to hang out. We only hang out on his terms and its pissing me off! Next time he texts me, should I just chew him out and leave it? I want to tell him off but I don't know what to say! what should I do or say next time I hear from him?


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  • Yes,he is being very lame. And you're worth more than this. So next time he does call just don't respond ! Give him a taste of his own medicine. I am in a similar situation,I've been getting all worked up about it and guess what : I realized that I was being lame as well !

    Although at first it may be hard to resist the temptation of texting again or just going online to see if maybe he contacts you, you can't do it ! For a while your ego will hurt but than another guy will come along and smile at you and you realize how many other cute guys there are out there ,who ARE actually into you ! I know it's hard. You can do it though,I'm sure you are a great girl ! Just don't forget that,or others will forget it too .

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