How does he know me so well?

Me and this guy have been texting for nine months. It's weird because he is a little more secretive about his life than I am. I always text him telling him what's going on in my life or talking about my feelings/insecurities. Today I was at a party and I was texting him telling him that I don't really know that many people at this party and that I'm really shy . He replies back saying that I don't open up and that right now I'm thinking that all the other girls are much prettier than me. Which is true , that was exactly what I was thinking. its not that I'm ugly or anything, guys call me cute all the time. It's just that I have self esteem issues and I think other girls are prettier than me. It's weird because even my best friend who I have known for fourteen years, wouldn't be able to pick up on something like that. He doesn't even know me that well yet he can see right through me, he knows about my insecurities.this isn't the first time , where he has been able to read my mind and know what I'm thinking. Is it possible for a person to know so much about you only through text message? We only text each other, I only met him three times. I only text him cause my parents are strict and I feel that right now wouldn't be a good time. I wanna meet him when I know that I won't get caught. I'm just wondering because I'm not sure whether he is just really experienced when it comes to women or if he actually does know what I'm thinking


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  • Either he's psychic, or your insecurities are really bad and easily show.

    To be honest, I think he's a great listener. He understands you as a person rather than playing a deaf ear, and is thoughtful towards you. From what you're telling me, he sounds like a keeper.

    You won't run into GUYS very often who pay thought this well. He's realllly making an effort to understand you, isn't he? Think about it. Despite knowing you almost inside out (and specifically the 'dark' sides), he hasn't walked over you. Being experienced with women is one thing (and it's a great thing by the way -having a guy who knows how you feel), he is being CONSIDERATE towards you.

    You're right. Insecurities only sounds rather problematic. I suggest you open up to him in terms of interests, hobbies, positive experiences and other 'happy' themes. We as people have a habit of constantly whining about the 'wrongs', complaining, rather than being positive about ourselves and our surroundings. Express gratitude more often. Be comfortable in your own skin; find reasons to.

    I will deviate from your question for just a moment to highlight a bigger issue -your insecurities themselves. All those pretty girls you see, go through hell ensuring they reflect that impression onto people. They are likelier to be FAR more insecure on the inside than you. The point is, we all have issues. You could choose to hide them, or work with them and celebrate them. I can go on forever giving you instances of celebrities and models who boast about what others would refer to as 'flaws'. Likewise, there are drummers who happen to be deaf, artists who are color-blind, sportsmen with prosthetic legs. Being overweight, having bad skin, these are temporary issues you CAN deal with and should anyways.

    Now, having said that, if you just understand yourself, and understand that others who seem perfect may and generally tend to have far more flaws than you do, LEARN from them. Be confident, because that will automatically reflect onto people, including and especially this guy. He can see through your cover, he won't be if there's nothing to hide. Those cheerleaders, models, divas drive men crazy because they truly believe they are perfect, fabulous creatures and that's exactly why they set what beautiful is: Those huge foreheads, petite figures, healthy curves, freckles, beauty marks -You name it. They flaunt their 'imperfections' rather than trying to conceal them and feeling bad about themselves. This applies to personality based insecurities too. Confidence is they KEY to get rid of them missy.

    So yeah, those are the two aspects I believe are important for you to better judge your situation and deal with it inside out, and in the long term, even if it means that I am talking about things you may not necessarily have asked about in your question. This guy is simply able to see through and notice the nervousness or insecurity in your tone. Weed it out from the grass roots itself. I hope this helps you out

  • He doesn't know what you're thinking.

    What he said is a pretty predictable thing for a girl with self-esteem issues would think.

    It's less mind-reading and more generalised statements.


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