I have accepted the fact that he has a girlfriend but it still hurts.

So this guy I dated on and off for 3 years

my first everything

kiss, sex, dated , we are very good friends and we have always kept touch even though he lived few hours away , I always knew that yes one day he probably will get a girlfriend etc.

He moved to my town this August, so I thought okay maybe we have a shot at becoming something , and we dated and he seemed very interested and always asked me to hang and we went on dates etc, it was amazing :):))

Than he suddenly began ignoring me... I didn't know what I had done , he didn't talk to me for 2 months.. so I left him alone and didn't talk to him or anything ..last week I see he got into a relationship with a girl that he went to high school with, his family knows her, she seem so perfect, and I'm not perfect,i grew up with no dad and a single struggling mother..he seems so perfect..and him and I have had history together ...how can he just do this to me and pretend that I don't exist anymore..we are really good friends

Now I feel like crap or felt like crap. . cause he lied to me and broke my heart and he didn't even tell me anything it came as a shock.

I have him on Facebook and he recently posted a Xmas picture of them two.. he still has my necklace at his place and I won't ask for it cause I don't want to talk to him..i want to run away from him..

The best thing I'm guessing that I can do now is to

1.leave him alone

2. don't contact him

3. don't be psycho

4. don't become a skank and try to make him jealous , keep being the one I am

5. just be classy

and inside yes I'm hoping he will regret what he has done so I can reject him

PS. I have accepted the fact that he has a girlfriend but it still hurts.

what can I do

please give me advice :)


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  • The list that you've given are the same things that I could have also thought of.

    Be classy.

    And making him regret what he had done, don't think that way.

    It means that you're still living in his reality, can't forget about him, and you are still a prisoner of the past.

    Start a fresh new beginning as a lady. Live life like what you've dreamed it to be.

    I'm sure that someday, a guy who'll sincerely care for you, will never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you will come and rescue your jaded heart.


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