He doesn't initiate a date, but texts me every day, what should I do?

We are dating, and last week he was away on business. He texted me every day and said that he can't wait to see me again. He is now back and he continues to text me every day but has not initiated seeing us. I am completely perplexed. How should I ask him to see each other without looking desperate or clingy?


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  • Maybe you can suggest picking a day when he not busy to hang out. He seems to work alot. Also when you and him started dating in the begginging did you and him hang out a lot ? It seems that things might of changed when he went away on the buisness trip. If he is texting everyday that is good. Unless if he live hours away then it would b hard for him to see you often. If that is not the case and he lives close then their shouldn't be no reason for him not ot see yo ua couple of times a week.Unless if he is that tired from work or something. I don't think it makes you look desperate or clingy wanting to spend time, unless if you and him are not boyfriend or girlfriend yet.


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