Kissed him and felt absolutely nothing

So I kissed the guy I liked today and he kissed back but I didn't feel anything.It wasn't good it wasn't bad,just indifferent.I like him,he is sweet and kind bit this has worried me.Aren't you supposed to feel something?


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  • Are you on antidepressants? They can kill your libido badly.


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  • Maybe, this happened to me me a few days ago, it wasn't bad it wasn't good,...maybe too much time past, maybe timing was off, ..I don't know I'm struggling here with the same issues..I know my situation was, he made me think I didn't stand a chance with him and I fought like crazy to get the idea of him out my head . So, just when I felt like okay I'm over crushing on him and we are just friends, out of know where he kisses me, I kissed him back cause I adore him+ I was drunk and he was too, but I held back there was some part of me that wouldn't let go and get into the kiss...maybe that's your issue...I know I was well aware of what was happening, I guess for me the initial rejection, I couldn't get over it kept playing in my head, with each kiss...,I don't know...sorry for making this about me but this just happened to me too.. Anyway is there any issues you have with him that causes you to hold back? Like I said maybe the timing was off. :-(

    • Not really,I guess he has to go back to Uni soon which will make it a long distance

    • So what that mean if that's the distance should make the heart grow fonder..yes?, what that have to do with the feeling not bring there...?.